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The honest, beautiful porn app we all deserve.

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This is why you will love this app


The app is free, and always will be. We started to develop this app for our own use, and as fapper, will always need this.

No Tracing

There is absolutely zero tracking on this app, no sdks from google, facebook or anyone else, what you fat to, is your bussines. We will know nothing about the app usage, but that is ok.

No Ads

Every app makes you pay, or places a lot of ads, and what those ads are doing except anoying your fapping experience, also sending data to ad networks. This app will never have ads!


The app is designed with great speed and best ux in mind, the fact we use no external sdk, makes the app faster.


No extra permissions required, except storage, if you wanto use the download functionallity, but that is also optional. Videos will be downloaded on a hidden folder, so noone can open them.

Private mode

You can be a proud fapper, and use the app as it is, or make it look like a system utility, and open it with a secret pascode.

Inspired by the best video apps

Deeply inspired by the best video social apps on android, this ap takes it further fo the best one hand experience.

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Reasons you will love the app

Why you will love this app


Most popular videos

Start with the fresh stuff.

Starting with the mos recent videos, you will be able to just jump in the last content, still being able to find the content you like most.

The video is everything this is why it is fullscreenon the main app, everything else is optional, and does not get in your way. Vertical scrolling of videos like the best apps out there, are perfect for one hand use of the app.


Categories and search to easily find what you like most.

Filter the content you want based on your sexual preferences right away, from the app settings, once done, you will never see stuff you don't want.

All the categories are out there for you to browse, and find the content you want. Also videos have tags, and pornstar information.


Find what you want

Uniquely underwhelm premium outsourcing with proactive leadership skills.

Browse categories, and search on them, to easily find everything. Paging will help to get to the remote pages where the stuff may be.

Search is global and survives the category browsing, so you wil only see stuff you want. Want to reset rhe search? Easy, one tap away.

Download the videos you love

Not always with an internet connection? Easy, download the videos you love.

The app has a build in download manager, to easily and quickly download the content you like most, to view in online or offline mode.

To download the videos we will ask for storage permissions, and create a hidden folder where only our app can access the content. We will also use a fake video format file, so other apps wont scan it and index it.

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Get the app right now, and experience yourself the best adult browsing experience ever.

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    Enable install from unknown sources

    On android there is one extra step before you install external apk, so based on your device do one of the following:
       - Go to your phone’s Settings
       - Go to Security & privacy > More settings
       - Tap on Install apps from external sources
       - Select the browser you want to download APK files from
       - Toggle Allow app installs ON

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    Enjoy your app

    Happy fapping with you new app, and don't forget to support the project if you love it.


What some of our users say

Send us your feedback if ou love the app too.

If you want to keep this app alive, support us

Support us

Donatio is the only monetization strategy from our team. We will never track you, sell you ads, or your data to publishers, this is why it is important for us, your support. We have a patreon page, where

    Always free
    Offline mode
    No ads
    No tracking
    Be a supporter
    Keep the app alive
    Direct contact with the team
Fapper $15/m
    Always free
    Offline mode
    No ads
    No tracking
    Be a supporter
    Keep the app alive
    Direct contact with the team

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the app free?

The app is free cause i made it for personal use, and would never pay for an porn app, or use one with ads and tracking

Can i hide the app?

Just go in settings ad add a passcode, the app with change the launcher icon (may require your launcher to restart) and have a utility ui, until you unlock it.

Can i download videos?

Yes you can, just find the video you lie, and click on the download button. After that you will find it on the download tab..

How can i help?

Support us on Patreon, or if you are a company, or part of the adult industry, contact us. We scape data from large porn websites, we need their help too, in order to gte the data.

Download The APP

Get the secure apk only from this website, any other source could be compromised! This is the only secure source to the the original app.

*Works on Android Lollipop and above.

Somewhere in NYC, New York, NY 10000 USA